Over 70% of women don't know their proper bra size. For maximum comfort and motion control during exercise, a proper fit is very important. To ensure you choose the correct size, take time to measure yourself before you buy a sports bra.

Step One: Finding Your Chest Size
• This is the number measurement in your bra size.
• Measure around your chest, under the arms and just above the breasts.
• If your chest measurement is an odd number, round it up to the next even number.
Step Two: Finding Your Cup Size
• Measure around the fullest part of your bust. If this measurement is between numbers, it should be rounded to the nearest whole number.
• Subtract your chest measurement (the number from Step One) from your bust measurement. The difference between these two numbers
will determine your cup size. Use the chart below to determine your cup size.
Generally, sports bras follow the following conversion chart, though some manufacturers may vary.
Sizes S M L XL XXL
Bust 32- 34 34- 36 36- 38 38- 40 40- 42